Transform Documents into Insights

Leverage the power of Generative AI and Large Language Models to make your business documents work for you.

Effortless Integration
Effortless Integration

Quickly integrate DataTalk with your existing systems and workflows.

Effortless Integration
Enhanced Data Privacy

Use local open-source models to handle sensitive data without cloud uploads.

Effortless Integration
Automated Data Processing

Automate the processing of new data with our sophisticated pipeline feature.

DataTalk CRM

Discover how DataTalk technology is integrated in our open source CRM

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Frequently Asked Questions

DataTalk functions by utilizing Large Language Models (such as ChatGPT) to analyze and process data, offering insights and facilitating data-driven decisions.

DataTalk ensures data privacy and security through rigorous encryption, compliance with data protection regulations, and implementing robust cybersecurity measures. Also, our solution offers on-premise deployment, ensuring data remains within the client's network. Our solution can also employ local language models, ensuring data never leaves the client's network.

DataTalk respects data ownership by adhering to legal frameworks, ensuring clients retain control and rights over their data.

The pricing for DataTalk varies based on the services chosen, data volume, and specific client needs, with custom solutions available.

DataTalk integrates seamlessly with existing systems using APIs and customizable integration tools, ensuring compatibility and efficiency. Is there a system that DataTalk does not integrate with yet? Let us know and we will make it happen!

DataTalk stays current with the latest documents through continuous updates, leveraging real-time data feeds and APIs to ensure the most recent information is available.

The current status of DataTalk involves ongoing development and refinement, with future steps including enhanced features, expanded integration capabilities, and broader market outreach.